I am a mother of two by nature a mother of one by heart. 

Living in this amazing country that I now call home for the last 20 years, has given me the opportunity to learn so much. To see so many places, to meet so many amazing people, I am very thankful for everything and everyone that I have met along the way. 

In my professional life, I've learned many things from some very amazing people. They believed in me and knew that I was eager to learn. Thanks to them, my knowledge is rich and has helped shape me in all my endeavors.

I am always looking for opportunities and I am passionate for what I do. I love being a mother, I enjoy exploring places with family, photography, a

For me, Monat is not just a product is also an opportunity that allows me to earn extra income. I am excited to share with others the benefits as a product and as a business. As you read this, I would love to tell you about not only how to save on products by becoming a V.I.P customer, but also tell you about starting your own journey as a Market Partner.


Welcome to my Monat

My hair care routine!

Volumizing Revitalize Conditioner

Volumizing Revive Shampoo

Restore Leave-In Conditioner

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Thermal Protect Styling Shield

REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive

My skincare rutine!

Eye smooth night Haven

Eye Smooth™

Nourishing Eye Cream

rewind nectar

Rewind™ Age Control Nectar


Night Haven™

Overnight Age Control Cream

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We are Modern Nature



Available in U.S, Canada, UK, Poland and Ireland.

1.Retail Customer/ 2.VIP Customer/ 3.Market Partner Opportunity